Tigniyombor KPALIDJA (Céphas)

Tigniyombor KPALIDJA

Togo – French

The Horizons training program is an appropriate one for the youth ministry. I must admit that from beginning the Horizons course did not seem something with much importance to me. But I finally realized, with more commitment on my side that this course has given me a new vision of my life and of the youth ministry. I am more determined and committed to leading many young people to Christ. Horizons has given me a lot of resources to handle the youth ministry. I thank the Horizons program for this jewel that it has put into our hands for the training of young leaders. And I do invite all the young people to intensively register for this training..

His main Mentor was Asaph Essonèya Assou from Togo.

Elias Apetogbo from Togo started mentoring him at the beginning of his training.   Training completed on March 30,2021