Koffi Soke Kpomgbe – March Seminar

Tokoin Doumassese Baptist Church – Lomé Togo.

March 24- 26, 2021

Koffi gave a three- day seminar to the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) on the campus of the University of Lomé Togo. The theme given to Koffi to teach on was: “When God is not in at His place in my life and ministry”. This topic chosen by the leadership of the Bible Group “was to be taught on before the pandemic and has been postponed several times”, according to the words of Sister Deborah, the President of the Group. “We have all been highly challenged, edified and blessed by the teaching of the BWA Horizons’ Ambassador”, continued Deborah. Koffi used the opportunity to promote the BWA online Leadership Training among this evangelical youth leaders and some got enrolled already. It is good to give the precision that Deborah is herself a Horizon Student who is half of the entire training.